Johnnie Williams has spent some time calculating which of the social media platforms provide you with greater access to him, and also give him a way to learn more about you.

Facebook, the ever evolving (connection) machine still provides so many new options for staying in touch and reconnecting with people you’ve known or met along your journey.

So Johnnie has decided to use this medium to provide access to him. Every Monday thru Friday’s you’ll find a daily messages of encouragement. You’ll find simple messages focused on helping people grow through their daily challenges.

Just search for Johnnie Williams III on Facebook, and request to be added as a friend. And, you will find out, just as a young  man that Johnnie inspired more than 13 years ago found out…

He’s still doing what he’s always been doing and now he’s just a click away.

Johnnie received a direct message in his @johnnietalks Twitter account that read…

– Hey man is this the real johnnie or does someone other then him run his social media accounts?

This is Johnnie Williams !!!

And, I write and post all of my content as it comes to mind. I do appreciate you stopping to ask. 

But, I also find myself curious of why you ask.

Please share,

Johnnie Williams III

-You did a group for my school when I was in grade 7 and/or 8. I believe called Boys to Men. It was at Sanford elementary school in Hamilton ontario Canada.

You did it with Kelly Grace one of our most loved teachers!

Just wanted to let you know, that program really helped a lot in a time when I wanted so much to just fit in with everyone, and I was trying to grow into a proper man. You taught me things I wouldn’t of really learned on my own that young in life and I just wanted to say thank you!

To my knowledge you did that all free of charge, bought us pizza, took us to playdium and even brought us to a raptors game if I remember correctly. That (time) was one of my fondest memories; something I think about often, and today it came to mind so I decided to look you up.

And, sure enough after a little searching through social media I found you! So from one man to another, thank you for everything you’ve done and probably continue to do for our youth!

You’re a phenomenal person!

I could never remember a time when I was more excited to spend a lunch period inside a library personally developing myself, then when I was in that group with you all!


I was half asleep when you sent this message, and nearly fell out the bed!

Thank you so much for stopping to take time today to acknowledge our efforts to inspire YOU guys.
I’d love to speak with you a little later today or this week.

Text me anytime at 702-714-7511.
I hope to speak with you soon,

Johnnie Williams III