Johnnie Williams III has spent more than 18 years traveling and speaking to k-12 students, parents and educators. His presentations are unique and offer a metaphoric concept that help audiences remember, understand and share the message.

Simply put, he is an Encouragement Specialist that has developed engaging presentation skills. Johnnie has delivered impactful speeches in urban, suburban and rural areas across the country and other countries as well.

He has always stated that his presentations will put peoples need for encouragement before personal profit. And, he has proven that with his efforts over the past 7 years as he focused his efforts on inspiring students across Nevada from Las Vegas, Elko, Reno, Beatty, Armagosa and Pahrump.

In partnership with the Nevada Department of Education. Johnnie’s efforts have inspired many students to see beyond their perceived limitations. He has been contracted by the 5th largest school board in North America to speak on subjects like Bullying and Cultural Competency.

The UNLV Foundation has honored him with membership into their Silver and Gold Medallion Society. These prestigious awards are reserved for university donors who have contributed more than $500,000 to the University of Nevada Las Vegas.

Call 877-248-1481 if you’d like to request Johnnie Williams for your next event.