Johnnie Williams is an encouragement presenter that has spoken to youth and adults in the United States, Canada, China, Africa, and the Philippines.

His messages are simple, and layered like an onion for lasting  impact. His anti-bully message “SHATTERED”, has been requested by schools, anti bully organizations and civic institutions like the Montgomery County Office of Human Rights.


His work in the area of financial literacy has included the creation of two life skill workbooks funded by both  J.P. Morgan Chase Foundation and Fannie Mae Foundation. The concept was simple; create a life manual to assist youth with mapping out a plan for managing life in the years to come. The workbooks cover career planning, resume writing, check writing, retirement planning and credit education.

For young readers, he has co-written 2 award winning children’s chapter books that have been published by Orca Book Publishers. The stories have been infused with  family values and offer reflective storylines.

Johnnie’s work in the state of Nevada has included clients like NV Energy who have booked Johnnie multiple times to address students invited to their college scholarship workshops, and also to inspire their staff with an African American history month presentation.

Johnnie considers himself an activist with a passion for helping people – help other people. 

This mentoring mindset has broadened his impact and exposure.  Many articles have been written about his work and he and his brother Jerome were  interviewed for a book featuring various activists. 

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