Over the past 20 years Johnnie’s dedicated time to inspiring youth across this nation and beyond, and come to the conclusion that he’s not a speaker. But, rather a conversationalist, using simple and relevant concepts to move and shift peoples perspective on a given topic or theme.

He recently received a call from a longtime mentee (Lance Constantine) who resides in Toronto, Canada. He wanted to pay a visit to Las Vegas for a few days. 

The last he saw of Lance, he was a recent high school graduate who had a vision to assist his peers in healing from their hurts. It had been nearly 8 years since They had last scene one another. And, he had gone from this young passion field student to a respected speaker and activist. He had stared in stage plays, produced some uplifting music and even written a book.

It’s been said, “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear“.

When Lance arrived, he already had a notepad and pen to take notes. This gesture of respect resulted in nearly 40 pages of notes. 

Johnnie often encourages mentors to just be their authentic selves as they stand prepared to inspire…

He has also created a “Just Ask Johnnie” text line for youth, young adults, parents and small business owners to submit questions. By texting 702-714-7511 you gain access to simple advice to help you in life.


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