Mr. Williams has been quoted as saying that life is a series of moments. Moments that are lost because know one was there to capture it for us. 

Well, here is where you can gain access to pictures of Johnnie giving back, inspiring students, taking selfies and and even a few pics of him with his daughter. 
To gain access to JohnnieWilliams3 Instagram images, Say Selfie!

The moments captured are just reflections of Johnnie’s efforts to encourage so many. Often times the events move individuals to write letters expressing their appreciation.


Dear Mr. Williams,

I want to again say thank you for your presentation to the students at Harney Middle School. Your message of hard work, making good choices, kindness and acceptance of each other are profound. Many schools in todays’ society deal with all types of bullying on a daily – on a minute by minute – basis. It is a shame that more people don’t take a stand against bullying. You bring home the point to students that a simple apology does not erase the pain and hurt of their words and actions. Your hands on visual activity of the broken glass never being the same again will hopefully follow them throughout their lives.

Thank you for challenging our students to be better people, to behave better and to be more accepting of others and their differences.

Stacey Whorton

Harney Middle School

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