Thank you for the wonderful and relevant professional development on culturally responsive teaching back in January.

 In my informal conversations with the teachers who attended since then, the general concensus is that they felt they had bonded with their colleagues who attended and were able to understand their colleagues at a deeper cultural level beyond having common outside interests or hobbies. I also think that if teachers modeled how you bonded with the group, we can take common interests/backgrounds and use that to build a rapport with our students

Our cultural competency book study provided great insight on how to move from superficial to deeper levels of interpersonal connection.

Jacqueline L.  –  Assistant Principal

Dell H. Robison M.S.
I can speak for everyone in saying we felt your presentation was AMAZING! The message about the value of all people, through the use of a dollar, absolutely struck home! Your style of having a “conversation” with the parents was also very strong.  – Cheryl D. (FACES director for the CCSD)

Johnnie is very skilled in speaking with individuals as well as groups. Johnnie is able to quickly adapt to his audience and use terminology, style and content that best gets his message across.  – Jason C. (Four Seasons, Las Vegas)

Your messages of hard work, making good choices, kindness and acceptance of each other  are profound.  – Stacey W. (Harney MS, Teacher)

Johnnie Williams should be lecturing young students in every local school. I witnessed a presentation that definitively left a sense of reflection. I firmly believe his work is worth every minute of attention. Keeps his public in full participation. A great work from a young intellectual, smart man.  – Armando Kihuen (CCSD, Educator)

I was able to attend your presentation/workshop on bullying last night, and was very impressed.   – Annamarie Bonomo (CCSD, Teacher)

I just wanted to say thank you for yesterday. It was awesome the way you opened up the floor to courageous conversations. Everyone was beginning to open up and have some long awaited conversations.  – Hildanies Colon (CCSD, Equity and Diversity Ed. Department)

Mr. Williams presentation was beyond impressive. The objectives of the speech were recapped well at the end and the interactive portion helped students really understand all of the points he was trying to make. It was enjoyed by all!  – Dwight Tavada (Kettering University, Office of Minority Student Affairs)

The Clark County School District (CCSD) is encouraged by the response we have received from teachers, administrators and parents who have witnessed, and participated in the presentations facilitated by you on the topic of anti-bullying. – Dr. Greta Peay

You are to be commended for taking a proactive approach to motivate and inspire the young people of Nevada to embrace education for their own benefit and the benefit of the state. – Steven A. Horsford (Former Nevada Senator)

On behalf of the Public Education Foundation, I would like to thank you for your generous discount on your leadership presentation for We R Community. – Judi Steele (PEF Executive Director)

Mr. Williams, thank you for the chance to win some money, but your example gave me the key to unlock the future and that is more priceless than money. – Chase (student at 4H camp in Reno, NV)

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